Old Timers Disease?

Published February 13, 2013 by Claire

You know, I’ve now entered my fortieth year. My birthday isn’t until July but this is it, this is the year I turn forty (and life, allegedly, begins – although if the bit I’ve been doing for the last 39 years isn’t ‘life’ then god help me!).

My mother ‘retired’ just past forty. Not just from work, but practically from life. She decided to become Professionally Helpless. You know the type – “Could you just come over and do XYZ because as you know I don’t really understand all that..” When it seemed that we might not allow her to become helpless, that we might actually insist she was still perfectly capable of conducting her own life – well,  then she became Deliberately Inept. I would watch her failing to do things which I was quite certain she’d been capable of the previous day, and which I was quite certain she was still able to do perfectly adequately. This frustrated the hell out of me!

So why, having lived through this and been frustrated by it, am I catching myself doing the same thing to my two offshoots?

“TMBK, I’m so glad you’re home, the curtain pole needs adjusting and as you know I can’t do it…”

“Stiiii-iiig! Stig! Just run upstairs and get me X, Y, Z, please? I’m…busy… and can’t go myself”..

I was not busy! I was sitting on my fat arse trying to look busy so as not to have to go myself! And I am more than capable of adjusting the damn curtain pole.

It’s basically laziness, isn’t it? Must stop that.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In other news, I’m about to remodel my website and hopefully get some new pics taken. Watch this space…


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