“The dirtiest, most disgusting females on the planet…”

Published February 8, 2012 by Claire

That, boys and girls, is what a ‘gentleman’ hiding behind the moniker of “sucky2dollar” thinks we hookers are.


When you decide to become a prostitute, you accept that some elements of the population will hold that view. You might perhaps expect it from a member of a fundamentalist religion, or an extreme feminist maybe. You become inured to it when it comes from ‘outside’ – from persons not associated with or involved in the sex industry. You harden, grow a thicker skin, and accept that some people may hold those views because of a fundamental lack of understanding. They are unable to empathise or accept, because our experiences and values are so far divorced from their own as to be unimaginable.

But when that view is expressed by ‘our man on the inside’ – by one of the very men to whom we provide our services, by a ‘punter’ – it shocks in a way that the outsider could never do. If he can feel that way and yet still seek services, what does that say for punters? It makes you wonder if he is more typical than you think, if he’s actually making a representative statement of what all clients  really think, deep down.

And then you say ‘No, of course not, I’m just being silly, and he’s made this comment on a public forum, frequented by many other men who visit hookers. So he’ll get shouted down, right?’. Well yes, by a couple of people. One or two men who were brave enough to stand apart from the flock and say ‘No, you don’t speak for me, I don’t like what you said there’. But just a few, out of hundreds who use that forum (if we are to believe the stats espoused by their leader, at any rate).

So let me just send a message out to the rest of the users of that forum.

Every time you read and run, every time you fail to correct, every time you don’t argue with those extreme views – well , you may as well have openly agreed. Don’t ask in future why the mud sticks, because this is why. If you don’t voice your own opinions, you’ll get someone else’s attributed to you. That’s why it matters which gang you decide to follow.

You know, I thought long and hard before writing this blog post. On the one hand, I don’t particularly want to gratify the originator of the quote used as my title today, and I do see that by rising to the bait I will brighten his small world considerably.

But sometimes , you can’t rise above this stuff. Sometimes, you can’t turn the other cheek, because your silence can be as much permission for these people to continue as anything else.


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  • Now that I have noticed it I like reading your blogs as you are very good at articulating issues. So hope its ok to attempt some reply. If its not I guess you can reject my comments. This was an extreme view. And one the person who said it has later apologised for. Has he changed his view, unlikely. My personal opinion of what this view was maybe based was most guys who see escorts if the guy walked up to this girl in a bar she would chuck a drink in his face. Or at the very least stand no chance. But by paying he is now getting to have sex with the girl. Some guys look on that and think great. Others I guess would take up the chance but deep down rather have the drink chucked in their face.

    With regards to the “read and run” you cannot put the responsibility to other members on a forum to all chip in and disagree. If someone says something outlandish all it takes is one or two people to say this. What benefit does it serve having 10/20 to the hundreds you are suggesting all posting in saying “nope disagree with that”. Threads on forums would get huge if every time someone said something offensive the entire forum membership were all responsible to make an official disagreement post of it.

    In my opinion the best way to show people are wrong is to do that. Show why they are wrong by actions and logical argument showing how they could be wrong.

    Why not join up the forum and actually correct people first hand if you see something you disagree? You clearly have the ability to put up good logical arguments. So why not give it a go.

    • Anth, as I have told you before I have joined the forum more than once. Each time I am banned after one or two posts. I AM NOT WELCOME THERE – in fact, surely you have seen that no-one who dissents is welcome there? Can you see the list of banned members? Anyone who disagrees is banned pretty quickly. Furthermore – I AM choosy about who I play with. I would not wish to be seen as a contributory member of that forum because I would be deeply ashamed to be ‘seen’ with those people.

  • Why not as a suggestion either email Nik, or PM JRC/Jacob/Softlad via their Punternet accounts and actually ask if you are welcome there or not. And if they say yes you are join up not as Claire but as a totally different anonymous escorting name. A classic example to prove point “FatProssie” joined there with a totally obscure and anonymous name so she can make comments and not worry about anything she says affecting business. You could join as any random name of your choosing and the only people who would know it was you was Nik, the mods and you.

    Finally to say you would be ashamed to be seen with people is showing your own reverse stigmatism which your original post was criticising. If I understood the intimidation correctly you have hinted above its only one or two with extreme views. So why be ashamed to be seen with the rest? Its a friendly bunch. Trust me.

    • You know what scares me? I think you believe every word of what you said there. I am NOT welcome. Ask them yourselves, if you’re unsure. In a public thread, on the front page. And no, they are not a friendly bunch. And you are blinkered if you believe that. Any further conversation via email please.

  • Well there we go. As suggested you made your idea public – and I think my point has been made beautifully. I’d like to point out that I have no interest in joining UKp and that I was not the one who initiated this. My suggestion that you raise the question there was purely an exercise in getting you to see sense. I don’t wish to post there, I never have – I’ve only ever tried to do so when outlandish statements have been made against me. UKp however is not somewhere you get the right of reply. Anth, stop trying to ‘mend’ this – no-one wants that.

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