Changing Rooms

Published July 1, 2011 by Claire

I know, I know, I said I’d be better at blogging. In my defence, however, I have an excellent reason for my absence this time..

Some of my readers may recall that my daughter’s nickname is ‘Stig’, because of the dump she laughably calls her bedroom. At any given time this room might be knee deep in a disgusting mulch of pens, papers, laundry, plates, crisp packets, pencil sharpenings, make-up, hair paraphenalia.. you name it, it’s in there somewhere. The room usually looks like the pictures you see of Mumbai rubbish mountains.

But no more! For this week, Stig has been away on holiday and while the brat’s away, the mother gets busy.

Yes, Stig’s Dump now looks like the ‘after’ pictures on ‘Sixty Minute Makeover’ – although it took a darned sight more than sixty minutes to achieve this transformation. In fact, it’s taken me four days!

With a little help from TMBK, I’ve wallpapered (that bit was me, TMBK can’t be trusted to put wallpaper up. His chosen adhesive for any job is duct tape), painted, moved shelves, hung new curtains, taken off a door, made a curtain to replace it, and laid a new carpet. The carpet part wasn’t meant to be happening, but I accepted the help of my pal’s very enthusiastic boyfriend on the painting side of things and the old carpet somehow got more paint on it than the walls did. All of the above to a soundtrack of yelps, squawks and squeaks as I balanced precariously on an antique stepladder, borrowed along with the pal’s boyfriend.

“Even though I says it as shouldn’t”, as my old granny used to say, the room looks amazing. A beautiful room for a young lady. I’m cherishing a faint hope that Stig, who is due back from her jaunt today, will see it and a blinding realisation will hit her that as she is now growing up, she needs to keep her space tidy.

That could happen, right? Right? Please?

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