“WHY haven’t you been blogging?”

Published June 20, 2011 by Claire

This was levelled at me (in a highly accusatory tone), as the prelude to a rather good bonk today.

And I confess, I struggled to answer him. It started with a little spot of  ‘Bloggers Block’, way back at the end of April. A few days passed, during which I couldn’t think of a thing to say. A few more, a week, two weeks, a month… and the longer the time went on, the less of a ‘habit’ my blogging became.

Additionally, as the time passed, the question of how to start again, seamlessly, without anyone noticing I’d lapsed became more and more  of an issue. Could I slip in round the back, as the bishop said to the actress? If I crept in when no-one was looking and just blogged as though I’d been here all along, complete with angelic expression, would I be able to fool the eagle-eyed reader? Of course not. The type of person who reads my blatherings would surely be of a frighteningly high  level of intelligence, possibly even Mensa material. They’d be onto me like a stray cat on a kipper.

And so, I chose the only option left – to march in with my head held high, my chin sticking out at an obstinate angle, and a belligerent ‘So? I’m here now, aren’t I?’

I’ll try to be good from now on, I promise.


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