Hello, Goodbye…

Published February 2, 2011 by Claire

I’ve been thinking (it happens occasionally although I try to keep it to a minimum). This thread on Punternet started me off.

It discusses how gents feel when a lady ‘retires’ from the industry and they realise they may never hear from her again – and further down the thread someone voices the thought that perhaps ladies have the same issue. However, when a lady retires, the ‘abandoned’ gents at least have the knowledge that she’s gone from the scene voluntarily and has moved on to the Old Floozie’s Home where she’ll be watching “Loose Women” and sucking the chocolate off of a Cadbury’s Chocolate Finger with a naughty glint in her faded old eyes.

When a client disappears, he generally does just that. Vanishes without trace. Occasionally, we might get a text or an email saying ‘I’m not doing you this anymore’, but mostly they just stop calling.

When this happens to me, it sometimes leaves me with a slight feeling of bewilderment. Not always – sometimes there’s a reason, for example the gent who stopped visiting me after he’d arranged to do me a massive favour on a Sunday and I forgot – and went to the Zoo with my family instead. Yes, I’m a flake, yes, I was out of order – and yes, of course I apologised. But plainly he’d got the almighty hump with me, and I haven’t seen him since. 😦

Or the chap who (having been a very regular visitor for almost two years and with whom I had developed a very definite rapport) emailed me out of the blue to say he’d developed a crush on someone else and wouldn’t be seeing me any more. Charming! If you’re reading this, P, if you’re going to get a crush on someone it’s meant to be me!

But sometimes, when you’ve seen a chap a few times and you just know that he’s enjoyed the appointment as much as you have – when at the end of the last appointment he left with a spring in his step, a smile on his face and the promise to be back very soon – well,  those times, it’s a puzzle.


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