The Biggest Loser.

Published January 11, 2011 by Claire

No, not me, thanks all you haters out there!

I refer to the programme of this name, a new series of which has just started.  In case you only watch the News at Ten and listen to opera, you can find out what I’m rambling about here.

The brief synopsis though is that a lot of people want to lose a lot of weight in a very little time. Episode one centres around their first weigh in, establishing their starting weights initially. You then see them doing their first week of workouts, although I didn’t see what they were eating (I may have just gone for a wee at that part or something). Maybe it was korma, cake and chocolate. I’m guessing not though.

Well, major kudos firstly to anyone who’s willing to be weighed almost naked (cycling shorts and a Lycra crop top for the ladies, a poorly thought-out outfit if ever I saw one) on national TV, particularly with Davina ‘I’ve had 27 babies and I’m still a size ten’ McCall standing there gurning at you.

Secondly, major, major kudos to all of them, not just for some remarkable weight-losses but also for not climbing (falling sideways?) off their exercise bikes and punching this woman, their trainer, straight in the mush. Personally anyone who screamed anything, even words of encouragement,  into my face from a distance of about 2.5cm would regret it quite quickly..

I bet she’s an absolute pussy cat at home though.

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