Move Over, Nigella!

Published January 10, 2011 by Claire

I am a cooking demon today!

I have been trying to cook a roast dinner for over a fortnight now and today I finally managed it. Don’t panic, I don’t mean I’ve been wrangling with the same joint of meat for two weeks – I just mean that every day I’ve thought ‘I really fancy doing a proper roast dinner today’ something has cropped up to stop it happening. But today I got myself into that kitchen and got the apron on!

Roast pork, roast potatoes, carrots and broccoli  – oh I love roasts! But, that’s not all – whilst the roast was cooking I also made a chicken and mushroom pie for tomorrow (from scratch, mark you) and a chicken and bacon pasta bake for Wednesday! I’m three days ahead on the menu!

Just for the boys, though, here’s the lovely Nigella for you to drool over.


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