“Let’s see what’s through the Square Window!”

Published January 2, 2011 by Claire

It’s day two of the new year – shall we have a look through Claire’s window and see what’s changed?

Before we do that, let’s just take a moment and agree what our expectations are, shall we? Based on what Claire told us last time (‘There will be a complete change of life, I will be The New Claire’) surely we can expect to be greeted by something very different, yes?

So there will be healthy food, exercise, organisation, routine –   lots of lovely things. Come on, let’s take a look…

There she is, look! There’s Claire! Oh, she’s got dressed before 10am – that’s new! I’m sure she’ll be heading downstairs now for a healthy breakfast – muesli perhaps, or fruit, maybe some freshly- squeezed juice… Oh. Pepsi Max and cake. Oh…

Well maybe Claire wasn’t changing that part. Let’s watch her and see what she does next. I bet she’s planning some healthy exercise. Yes, there she goes, she’s putting her trainers on… she’s putting the dogs leads on! She’s taking the dogs for a walk! That’s great, that will be lovely exercise. Hang on, Claire.. why are you sitting on that rock? Claire, get up and throw the ball for the dogs! Don’t just kick it! Now where’s she going? Home already? Oh.

Well, I expect she’s got lots of things to do in the house and office, maybe a spot of clearing out the old rubbish and things like that? There she is in the front room, look. She’s… sitting on the couch? She’s got the TV on! Maybe it’s an educational programme, perhaps she’s stretching her brain.. no, it’s last night’s Eastenders.  And she’s got that big bar of chocolate open too. Oh dear.

This new Claire reminds me of someone…


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  • Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that.
    My resolutions this year (as every year) are things that I intend to do before the year is out. There’s no way I’m trying to do everything at once at the beginning of the year.

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