A Resolutely New Year.

Published December 29, 2010 by Claire

It’s that time again – the old year draws to a close and the new one looms on the horizon, crisp and fresh and full of promise and possibilities.

This is the time at which almost every one of us becomes a little introspective, pondering the past year(s) and deciding to do something differently over the coming months. This year, I’m not making my usual resolutions.

In the past I’ve made the standard issue female resolutions – I will lose weight, I will give up Pepsi Max, I will not have Galaxy Caramel for breakfast, I will learn not to say ‘yes’ when every fibre of my inner being is screaming ‘Nooooo!’ (for example, ‘Yes, I would love to babysit for you’ instead of  ‘No, I would prefer not to spend four hours of my life in the company of your two-week old purple-faced brat, which seems to scream for absolutely no damned reason and has perfected a pitch so high at which to produce this sound that I am worried light aircraft may be deflected from their flight course and fall upon my house…’).

This year, I have decided that my life will not be improved by such miserly resolutions, partly because they are too small to make a difference and partly because I will rise from my bed around 8am on New Year’s Day and I will have shattered every one of my resolutions by about 9.15am. This year, I have resolved to change not just one or two small things – but everything. I will be The New Claire. And I have begun this transformation already – I have given up the Day Job.

So, all my lovely gents out there – please come and see me in the New Year, ‘cos I’m going to be at a very loose end. And a woman who’s a bit loose is not a bad thing…


2 comments on “A Resolutely New Year.

  • Whoo hoo Missus!!, good for you. I am sure you wont look back – love your blog, makes me laugh and laughter is never, ever a bad thing – happy new year darlin’ xxx

  • Have a great 2011 Claire. I hope you might resolve to give up moderating you know where; it’s an important job and, I’m sure, very rewarding, but we need more of the old Claire back with us.


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