‘The Valley of Gloom’…

Published December 28, 2010 by Claire

That’s what my granny used to call this bit – the few days in between Christmas and New Year. The idea being that Christmas and New Year were peaks and the bit in the middle when you don’t quite know what to do with yourself is a valley, see? I don’t know why I felt the need to explain that to you, I’m sure you’re all above average intelligence. Yes, even you Amanda.

It really is quite gloomy, though, this bit. You’ve had all that build-up and pressure and stress and excitement leading up to the Big Day, and usually a bit more on Boxing Day, and then you wake up on the 27th and think ‘Oh. That’s that, then. Just New Year to do and then it’s back to normal’. And normality doesn’t seem so very tempting!

This week it’s compounded by the double bank holiday issue, which means there’s two extra days of sitting around looking at each other blankly; and by the fact that the weather has warmed up and the snow has gone. I know I didn’t like the snow but at least it covered up some of the ‘bleeeurgh’. You know, the trees with no leaves, the concrete, the mud – all of that looked better with a white coat on!

The only recourse left to me, to stop me being a relentlessly miserable bitch, is to spend several hours a day looking at holidays on the Thomas Cook website. I can’t go anywhere, mind you, ‘cos I need to renew my passport. But I can look!

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