Straight-Talking Gal…

Published December 14, 2010 by Claire

I’ve always been one for ‘straight-talking’, me. Whenever a friend has bored me with shared with me a tale of woe I’ve always prided myself on straight-forward, no-nonsense advice with a lump of ‘blunt’ thrown in for good measure. One of my most commonly repeated nuggets of wisdom has been ‘If you don’t like it, change it. If you’re not going to change it, shut the **** up about it’. It always seemed to me to be perfectly reasonable and in truth now it still does  – except when some smart-arsed bugger aims it me, that is.

Amanda called me the other day – I think she thought we’d have a cosy chat about slippers and puppies and tinsel, and generally just murmur away to each other possibly sipping tea and eating ginger biscuits.  How very wrong she was. I launched into a forty-minute diatribe about life,work and the universe and damn me; if the poor woman was in a good mood when she picked up the phone I must have knocked that out of her in no time. I ranted seamlessly about pressure, targets, ungrateful attitudes, people who waste my time ( I should add that my outpouring was focussed on my ‘real’ job, not on my gents – although I can rant about people who waste my time there too if called upon). She listened quietly – so quietly in fact that I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she put the phone down on the table, went off and did an online Tesco shop, had a bath, cooked a roast dinner and then came back and picked up the phone to check I was still squawking – and at the end of my harangue she said firmly ‘Change it then’.

Well, that quite took the wind out of my sails as you can imagine. Firstly, she hadn’t behaved in the accepted manner – she knew damn well she was supposed to sympathise! Whats the point of moaning at someone if they don’t sympathise and stroke you a bit?

Secondly, of course, she was 100% correct and I do need to make some changes. I enjoy my gents far more than I enjoy my day-job (and it doesn’t pay very well either)  and recently it’s been stopping me from seeing any gents at all. That has to change.


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