The wanderer returns..

Published December 1, 2010 by Claire

Once again I am guilty of a shocking dereliction of duty, having failed to update my blog for three days!

In  my defence, this blog is a marked improvement over all the diaries I swore to keep in my teens. I started them all so blithely, telling myself I would fill them with my thoughts, my hopes, my dreams.. after three days of filling them with ‘what I had for breakfast’ and  ‘what I did at school’ (which was almost always ‘Nuffink, it was dull, teachers are boring…’) they’d be tossed aside and left to moulder, until eventually January 1st to 4th was ripped out and the remainder of the book sent to the charity shop by my mother. Quite why she thought anyone would purchase last year’s PDSA diary with the first four days missing is anyone’s guess.

But as usual I have wandered from the subject matter. Where’ve I been? Why haven’t I blogged?

Well the answer is two-fold.  It has been a total and unremitting BITCH of a week in the ‘real world’. I hate targets, and I hate having a challenge set for me. My naturally rebellious nature means that when someone sets me a sales target, instead of leaping to attention, seizing the opportunity and launching into action (all the things that I’m sure my Area Manager would love me to do), I slump at the shoulders, sulk at the mouth and dig my heels in like a tomboy in a frock shop. But this week was Mega Sales week complete with Mega Target and sadly I had to stand up and be counted. Suffice to say we hit the target, but add the pressure to the feckin’ freezing weather and my general attitude is now one of unrelenting grumpiness, hence the twofold thing. I was just too damned grumpy to blog!

However, last night I spent two hours with a wonderfully energetic gentleman which quite blew my cobwebs away  and so I’m back, full of beans. I even did some housework today, which I can tell you has been sadly neglected over the last week. Having two long-haired dogs means that if you don’t vacuum every day your carpets go very quickly from corduroy twist to shag-pile – but it’s not an improvement. I did ask Stig to run the Hoover round but after about three feet she’d managed to knacker the thing. I ended up taking half of it apart to replace the band – have you ever done this job? The whole thing was reversible; completely made out of rubber, but not nice stretchy rubber – oh no! This is rubber with attitude, and stretching it over the two prongs that hold it in place requires the strength of ten men. Having achieved this Herculean task, I had to lie on my back on the floor for a good five minutes afterwards until the dizziness passed. When I arose from my supine position, sure enough I was wearing a fetching shag-pile cardigan!

I’m now toying with either shaving the dogs completely and telling them it’s the latest look, or spraying them liberally with Harmony Hairspray on a daily basis…


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