Baby, It’s Cold Outside…

Published November 27, 2010 by Claire

Snow, frost, biting winds… it’s ‘snow’ fun out there right now.

I went out this morning in the old jalopy and wow! Great fun, careering round corners on black ice and watching my life flash before my eyes. Incidentally I do seem to have spent rather a lot of my life naked…

In here, though, it’s toasty warm – the central heating is on full throttle! My boudoir is decked out with warm bedcoverings, comfy cushions, lots of lamps and candles and a blackout blind, meaning that I can cosy down with my gents and completely ignore the chilly old world outside the window.

Give me a call – I promise not to wear my fleecy jim-jams… 😉 In the meantime, here’s something to hum along to!

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