“The Red Robin is sitting on the Potato..”

Published November 20, 2010 by Claire

or,  “How does one cancel an appointment?”

For the second time in as many months I have found myself in the awkward position of having to cancel a gentleman’s appointment, due to waking up with a rotten cold.

You may remember the last time this happened I sent the gentleman in question an apologetic text and he replied by calling me a ‘Bad, bad bitch’, a direct quote from this very blog? I said at the time that sending that cancellation text is a very difficult decision to make and this time was no different.

The problem is, you see, that unless you’re someone we’ve been seeing for a while we don’t really know your home circumstances; and so we can’t be sure whether it’s safe to text you or not. I would never phone a gent without prior arrangement, as you just don’t know if Mrs Gent is in the vicinity, wielding a rolling-pin à la Flo Capp.   And of course many bookings are made purely by phone, so no email addresses are exchanged.

In the event, I just sent my chap a text saying ‘Sorry, need to cancel, not well’. I hoped that if it was intercepted by anyone, he’d have had the sense not to save my number in his phone and then he’d be able to pass it off as a wrong number. He didn’t reply so I do hope that a) he’s okay and b) he’s not too cross 😦 .

But what’s really needed, you see, is a standard Industry Code. Something like ‘The yellow balloon will not float today’. ‘The Eagle has a broken wing’. ‘And when I looked my left aardvark was blue’.

Something like that, anyway.

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