See a penny, pick it up…

Published November 18, 2010 by Claire

… and all day long you’ll have good luck. That’s the old saying, yes?

Actually I was told the other week that the original saying was ‘pin’ not penny. No idea why. I suppose it’s luckier to see a pin and pick it up than it would be to find it by sliding your bare foot along the carpet. Umm.. where was I?

Oh yes – pennies.

I have a little peculiarity (some might say I have many peculiarities, but we’ll deal with them one at a time) in that I cannot see a coin lying in the street and pass it by. I have no idea why this is, except that my father is the same and in fact takes it to the extreme of walking everywhere with his eyes glued to the pavement. I’m not quite that bad, but if I do spot a stray copper I have to pick it up. I mean, I HAVE to. If for some reason I can’t, it actually troubles me!

It’s not about the good luck thing, as I’m not really that superstitious. Only when it suits me, anyway. For example, a couple of weeks ago I was having the day from hell. I call it The Fecal Touch – it’s like the Midas Touch, where everything you touch turns to gold – except with the Fecal Touch everything turns to complete shite. So this was one of those days – I dropped things, bumped into things, made myself late, left home without my purse, forgot to stop for petrol and had to turn back, followed the Sat-Nav and ended up at the arse of the world – one of those days.

However, as I was heading into the garage to pay for the aforementioned fuel, I spotted a penny on the floor. “A penny! A good luck penny!” I thought. “I’ll pick that up and my luck will change, I’ll have a great day!”

I bent, I picked up the penny, I straightened up – and the penny dropped through my fingers and rolled down a drain.

How’s that for Fate giving you the finger?

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