On yer knees, lass…

Published November 14, 2010 by Claire

Something I see over and over again on forum posts is guys praising the wonder of the girl who can’t wait to get started. You know, the one who ‘pulled me in through the front door so fast my teeth rattled and was on her knees with her gnashers round me knackers before I knew what had hit me…’

The general consensus on this type of wanton behaviour is that it’s a jolly good thing thank you and they’d like a lot more of it to go on. I tried it once, though, and the traumatic memory will stay with me forever and will ensure that I’ll pace myself a sight more carefully in future.

The gent in question was a Frequent Flyer with Claire Airways (otherwise known as a regular) and therefore was most deserving of a treat. I lurked behind the door, waiting for his knock, and the moment his feet hit the welcome mat I leapt into action. A quick snog and a grope and down I went – but as I dropped to my knees to suck my trousers gave way at the back seam and with a horrible ripping sound my frillies hove into view!

The poor man nearly split his own trousers in his merriment and I vowed never to put that kind of strain on my trews again!

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