Christmas is coming!

Published November 12, 2010 by Claire

My eBay homepage gaily informs me that Christmas is just 43 sleeps away (they say ‘days’, I say sleeps). This is not good news.

I like giving presents. I really, really like giving presents. I enjoy wrapping presents, and although I’m not massively keen on shopping for them I don’t mind if I know what I’m out looking for. But this year it’s not easy. Everyone this year seems either to not know what they want, or have bought it already.

Take TMBK, for instance. He’s almost 20 and has a well-paid, full-time job. That means that if he sees something he likes, instead of coming home and telling me about it, he just buys it. CD’s, DVD’s, clothes – anything that would conceivably have made a suitable Chrimbo gift, he’s bought himself already.

And Stig? Well, what do you get the teenager who has everything (and keeps it on the floor)? Maybe Kim and Aggie do personal , individual, one-to-one (two-to-one?) consultations…

I know what I want Santa to stuff in my stocking, anyway. I’d like this, please, Santa. Don’t bother wrapping it.

Oh, and world peace, obviously. Thanks.

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