The moral of the story…

Published November 9, 2010 by Claire

Every now and then, a new poster will appear on Punternet with a hidden agenda. It doesn’t stay hidden for long, as they usually can’t wait to clamber onto their soapbox.

The current occupier of this seat is a lady who arrived a year ago and started a thread entitled ‘I’m getting worried!’. In her opening post she claimed that although she was in a happy secure relationship, with a fulfilling sex life, she had stumbled across PN and was now worried that her husband might be tempted to see an escort.

She’s now been with us, as I said, for a year. Over that time her posts have changed from ‘I can completely understand why you girls do this, I don’t blame you in the slightest, in fact I’d do it myself if I were younger and braver’ to ‘It’s your job to seduce men’. She has become more entrenched in her views and more vocal in expressing them, less and less willing to accept any other point of view, and is now loudly denouncing all married punters as ‘cheats’ and routinely asking them to explain themselves.

Why do people do this? Here is a woman with no connection to the world of paid sex. She now says she’s firmly convinced that she keeps her man happy enough at home and that he would ‘never stray’. Strange, that’s not what she said at first. But why does she feel the need to ‘point out our failings’ to us?

I don’t ‘seduce’. To me, the phrase ‘It’s your job to seduce men’ implies that we actively seek to lure happily married men into our arms. I ‘welcome’, ’tis true – and I don’t question. It’s not my job to polish your morals for you, I’ll look after my own and you can do the same. Why do others not feel this way? Why do they feel the need to sermonise and ‘force us to face the truth’?

We always knew the truth  and accepted it.

“Moral indignation in most cases is, 2% moral, 48% indignation, and 50% envy.” Vittorio De Sica

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