Rising to a challenge..

Published November 8, 2010 by Claire

Something new this way comes! We ladies have been challenged to use a different phrase, chosen each week by a couple of chaps of our acquaintance in our blogs. Apparently they’re easing us in gently – so here goes with this weeks phrase. You’ll note I don’t make things easy for myself !

A Pome (sic)  by Claire.

It seems there is a tendency, in those who show dependency

To visitate a Forum every day

To reveal a predilection, a penchant for stage direction

And direct the other members in their play.

Now I find with some deduction that the latest firm instruction

Is that blogs should be conforming to a rule

And that flagrant disobedience though cloaked in great expedience

Would render me the dunce of Blogging School

And so I bow to pressure though my brain needs a refresher

And I use the phrase demanded in this rhyme

Showing unforeseen tenacity this post’s ring of veracity

Can surely not be questioned at this time!


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