A nice little package..

Published November 2, 2010 by Claire

No, that’s not the contents of some chap’s trousers! I refer to the nice package that’s just arrived in the post, containing these:

I rarely shop for clothes online, as being a porker means it’s almost always necessary to try things on before parting with my moolah.  But these little beauties are from Evans The Fat Bird Shop (it doesn’t say that over the door, but it’s always called that in my head) and since they do rather seem to know what they’re doing when it comes to fitting bombastic boobs and bums, I thought I’d take the chance.

And my gamble paid off! They fit perfectly, and I intend to wear them (probably quite briefly) for my gent this afternoon. I hope he appreciates them!

UPDATE! I remembered (luckily before he arrived) that his particular ‘kink’ is not that type of underpinnage at all!

So, they’re waiting for my next victim visitor…

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