What’s in a name?

Published November 1, 2010 by Claire

You may remember I ranted blogged a week or so ago about ‘why fat prostitutes call themselves BBW’s’? Well that thought, coupled with a ‘conversation’ on Punternet about whether ‘prossie’ is an offensive term or not, has prompted me to expand a little on the subject of terminology.

It seems to come as a surprise to many people, and especially to gents, that we ladies are usually not offended by any of those terms for our occupation that are generally considered less savoury. Hooker, WG, prossie, whore, ho, floozie – they’re all equally inoffensive to almost all of the ladies I’ve ever heard express an opinion on the subject. In fact in three years of forum use and of friendships with other hookers, I’ve only come across two incidences of ladies saying ‘I am not a prostitute, I am an ‘escort’.

This sentence infuriates some of the ‘punters’ out there, I know – but they may be surprised to learn that it infuriates many of the women too. Personally, when I see that sentence employed it makes my blood boil,  firstly because I feel that the lady is in denial, and secondly because it implies that there is something wrong with being a prostitute  – and I cannot accept that.

Even more surprising, however, is the male reaction to the word. Invariably if I use the word ‘prostitute’ when with a gent, he’ll recoil and say ‘Don’t call yourself that! You’re not a ‘prostitute’, you’re an escort!’. I can only assume that the word upsets them because it brings home to them that they’re engaging in a paid encounter. Again, though, it’s  a shame that they should have this underlying sense of wrongdoing.

As for me, and many like me – call me what you will. Hooker, Whore or Ho – I know what I am and I accept it, and feel no shame. I know that what I do brings pleasure and satisfaction to the gents I ‘service’, and I refuse to be ashamed of that.


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  • I think the word prostitute is often more associated with street girls, and people think of them as having little self respect and probably having a drug problem. Also the nature of the encounter with the punters is somewhat different I imagine – a fast and furious impersonal fuck in the back of a car is a million miles away from the service you provide (apart from the fast and furious (lol)). So when a gent says you ain’t a prossy, I think he means you provide a different (dare I say superior) service to a street girl. Personally I like the term hooker.

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