Let Sleeping Dogs Lie.

Published October 31, 2010 by Claire

Something I have learned in recent times is that when you poke a wasp’s nest, you’re likely to get stung. This applies equally to the Real World and to Online Life – in fact, my recent experiences have proven to me that the stings you receive online can leave an even more lasting irritation than those of a real life wasp.

Having learned this lesson the hard way, I have taken it to  my (extraordinarily ample) bosom and therefore when I find that someone else is not only bashing merrily away at that wasp’s nest with a baseball bat, but has also laid a sticky trail that leads all the way into my safe place (if it helps, you can imagine me in the pictured outfit – I can’t imagine that mental image will help my gentleman readers in any other way, though…) – well, it saddens me. And when it transpires that not only can that person not see why I am saddened, but is also getting very irate about ‘censorship’ – well that saddens me even further.

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