Stir Crazy…

Published October 22, 2010 by Claire

Help me – I’m a prisoner in my own home! Housework has trapped me and I haven’t been out of the door all day.

Mad Dog ate something which when it arrived in her digestive system liked not what it found, and promptly made a colourful return to society. This sad state of affairs necessitated my stripping beds and cleaning the stair carpet at 4:30 am., and the uproar caused by a demented fat bird trying to get a vomiting dog off the beds resulted in the disturbance of the whole household, which had the knock on effect that we all overslept this morning and Stig missed her school bus.

Well, since today was the last day  of term and was ‘Non School Uniform Day’, and since it is a well-known fact that young people who aren’t wearing their uniform also aren’t wearing their learning heads, and additionally since I had woken up with a headache that had ‘sent by Satan’ stamped all over it and didn’t trust myself to drive in a straight line, I allowed Stig to stay home from school. TMBK was also home, having wrenched a muscle in his arm the previous day – and so I announced a day of housework. Imagine their joy!

I’ve recently instigated a system whereby each person chooses a room and cleans/tidies it in a twenty-minute  frenzy. This seems to work much better than the last system of ‘Choose a job that needs doing from the list’, as both my offspring chose what seemed the easiest job and took as long as possible doing it, in the sure and certain knowledge  that by the time they finally finished I would have completed the rest of the list myself.

So today, TMBK took the front room, Stig took the kitchen and I took the bathroom, stairs and hallway. Now it is a relatively new system, but you’d think they’d understand the ‘clean the entire room’ thing enough to realise that carpets need vacuuming and kitchen work-surfaces need wiping! Perhaps it needs a little fine-tuning..

Each of us is of course responsible for our own bedrooms. Stig is wallowing in hers as I write…

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