Public Enemy #1

Published October 20, 2010 by Claire

… here for your amusement.

Yes, once again I have fallen foul of some gentlemen on a punting forum. I, it seems, am all that is wrong with prostitutes, with women in general – in fact, hell, I represent all that is wrong with the world.

I invited today’s doses of vitriol by commenting that some of the gentlemen who use the site were sadly woefully inattentive at charm school, and by referring to their unfortunate inability to obey the usual guidelines dictated by Mr Manners (there he is again) and instead, to be frankly quite, quite rude. The subject in hand was that of ‘how to refer to a hooker who is not quite your cup of tea’ and I used in my post some examples of how not to do so.

Sadly my efforts were in vain, for as I have been told many times one cannot educate pork. And so the same gentleman returned to their lair and chuntered quietly amongst themselves. One bright spark was so quiet in his chuntering that he ‘hid’ an attempt at insulting me by writing it in white text on a white background. However, it was written in the form of a question and I believe every question deserves an answer; and so, Mr ‘Mellow’, here in case you’ve forgotten is your question – and my reply.

“Why do fat prostitutes call themselves BBW?… just wondered”

Fat prostitutes call themselves BBW’s because it is a recognised acronym within both the sex providers industry and the dating game. In my case, I don’t call myself a BBW because I wake up every morning and find myself stunned into silence by the vision of loveliness that gazes back at me from the mirror. I call myself a BBW escort because that is the recognised term for a fat prostitute. Gentlemen using search engines don’t usually type in ‘fat prostitute’. They use the recognised industry terms.

The other reason for using the term BBW is that as it is a recognised industry term, it saves all the gentlemen who prefer their ladies  slender from wasting their time in clicking through my profile on any of the forums.

So there you go, Mellow. I’m not trying to kid myself or you that I’m a supermodel. I’m just using the recognised terminology. I’m sorry it upsets you.


One comment on “Public Enemy #1

  • Oh dear oh dear oh dear, someone will not be very happy with you for stirring this up young lady.
    He won’t buy you a drink you know, not that he is particularly generous about putting his hand in his pocket!

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