Of Cake and Castigation…

Published October 19, 2010 by Claire

I’ve had a thoroughly enjoyable day today! A well-overdue romp with one of my favourite chaps, who I haven’t seen for six weeks thanks to the concatenation of circumstances which included my woman-flu, my holiday, and various other annoyances. Thankfully the enforced separation hadn’t affected his memory at all and he still remembered exactly which buttons to press.

At half-time 😉 we took the opportunity  to finish up a Victoria Sandwich which a colleague had baked for me at the weekend. I must confess to being unimpressed with his cake capacity, for after only two slices he was protesting! I attempted to spur him onto greater cake-consumption with the gentle use of a steel ruler I happened to have about the place, but to no avail. I’m plainly not convincing as a Dominatrix!

Following our exertions we went for lunch, although he was still complaining that the cake had finished him off rather than the other way round. Even I drew the line at dessert, however!


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  • Admit it you were full of cake too. You didn’t eat up your chips, and as for the peas – I don’t think any of them went into your lovely mouth! Truth is we were both well and truly stuffed (lol)

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