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Published October 17, 2010 by Claire

… right now.


She says everything I think, but better. GO! Read it!!


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  • Christ, they’re everywhere! I feel a bit better now. Although it’s just occurred to me it might be half term week? Typical call:

    [Me] (ring ring) Hello?
    [Him] Hello, who’s this?
    [Me] Er, YOU phoned ME? Who are you trying to contact?
    [Him] Can I speak to Amy?
    [Me] This is Amy’s phone, and this is Amy – can I help you?
    [Him] Oh, I just wanted some details, y’know, and that
    [Me] Riiiiight. What is it specifically you’d like to know that isn’t covered by my website?
    [Him] Er, just how much it is, n’that
    [Me] All my rates are on my Rates page, on the website. Have you seen it?
    [Him] No, my friend gave me your number.
    [Me] Of course he did. And is your friend somebody that I’ve seen? Who?
    [Him] Steve.
    [Me] Tell Steve to give you my website address.

    Anybody else fancy this day in, day out? Give me bloody strength.

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