A Slight Technical Hitch

Published October 17, 2010 by Claire

Anyone lurking in the vicinity of this blog this afternoon  – around, say, 3pm – may have noticed a few fleeting ‘issues’.

You may have heard me mention before that I am not technically minded. This is something which frustrates me, as I believe myself to be a person of reasonable intellect and the idea of something being beyond me is simply .. well, beyond me.

But there is something about computer programs which stumps me. I just break ’em. I press things, in all innocence, and it all goes horribly wrong and sometimes things just disappear altogether.

Thank the gods for Amanda, that’s all. She’s my pet techie and damn, does that woman come in handy. Like today, for example. I looked at my blog and I liked not what I saw. The font displeased me. It was too … typewriter-ey.

“I’ll change that” I thought. So, as Amanda happened to be on the phone at the time, I canvassed her opinion on how to go about it.

“Do this, this and this” she said.

“Me?” I asked, “are you sure?”

“Yes,” she said “you can’t get it wrong , a small child could do it. Now I’m off to smoke a kipper.” (It may have been something else, I was too fraught with anxiety over the technical button-pressing responsibility to listen to her properly).

“I’ll call you back when I’ve broken it,” I told her. She laughed.

Well I pressed where she said and sure ’nuff, the things she said would happen did happen. I was delighted, or thought I was. But when I checked back at Blog Central, the font had indeed changed. It had changed to something a mouse would have found a little small to read. I squinted hopelessly at it for a moment or two and then decided to undo all the things I’d done. I un-pressed gaily and checked back. The whole damn blog had gone mental.

When I called her back and said “Ok, I broke it” she laughed some more.

“Do this” she said. I did it, and all was well again.

I do love Amanda.

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