It’s all in the approach…

Published October 15, 2010 by Claire

You know, I’ve been very lucky in my gents.

It will be three years next month since I took the plunge and started inviting paying guests into my lady-garden. When I started I offered only outcalls, partly due to family constraints but also,  if I’m honest, because I was weighed down with many of the common misconceptions about ‘punters’ (I do so hate that word). I felt that whilst some were bound to be nice, some were bound to be nasty, and therefore it wasn’t a good idea to offer incalls.

The months went by and I met some lovely men – lots and lots of lovely men, in fact, and after eight or nine months I hadn’t met any nasty ones.  I had, however, had several conversations with guys who’d booked a hotel room especially to spend time with me, and had therefore had to spend less time with me than they’d have liked, having blown some of their budget on the cost of the room. And I’d had many, many conversations on the phone with guys who weren’t going to be able to see me at all, because the added cost of the room or the complications of booking one without leaving a paper trail just made it impossible.

And so I decided I would offer selected incalls from home, but I would only see guys who I had previously met for an outcall.

Well, that solved the issue for  the guys who’d already met me, and it made things easier for the guys who wanted to play for longer without the room cost. But I still found myself disappointing so many callers each week who just couldn’t do that ‘hotel room’ thing, and couldnt see me at their home either. So eventually I took the plunge and offered ‘indiscriminate’ incalls on my site – and three years on, I’ve still not met anyone nasty.

I think it’s got a lot to do with the fact that although I say indiscriminate, it’s far from indiscriminate. Whether or not we spend time together now isn’t based on location, but it’s very much affected by the way a gent makes his initial approach. If I get a text saying ‘Hi Babe, u look hot, wen r u free’ it’s unlikely to get a reply. Yet the same guy, texting ‘Hi, I’m XXXX,  seen your site, you look lovely. Would you be able to fit me in for an appointment this week sometime?’ would get a prompt and very encouraging response.

It really is all in the approach!

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