Back in the saddle!

Published October 13, 2010 by Claire

Yaaaay! I’m seeing a gent tonight!

Having been ill for a week, I cannot wait to get naked and naughty.. I’ve warned him I’ve just got over a cold and it doesn’t seem to have dampened his ardour at all, so it’s all systems go! In fact,  when I said I’d had a cold his reply was ‘That’s ok, I’ll keep you warm.’ I didn’t have the heart to tell him that far from feeling chilly, I was running a temperature most of the week – you could have fried eggs on me at one point.

But before I can leap into the shower and attempt the beautification process, I have an Act Of Bravery to perform. Stig is cooking dinner.

It’s going to be corned beef hash, apparently. She’s certainly made a right hash of my kitchen. Still, I’ve got a pretty strong constitution – it had to toughen up to deal with some of the stuff my mother used to hurl at us at meal times. I’ll be fine – won’t I?

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