I’ve been to the talkies!

Published October 9, 2010 by Claire

Last night I offered to take Stig to the cinema, but the film we’d wanted to see had already started and the only other one we both thought was worth seeing wasn’t on until 8.45. So we decided we’d take the dogs for a walk beforehand. Well,  my cold must have hit me harder than I thought because after half an hour up the field fetching the ball (yes, you did read that right. I throw it, Mad Dog runs after it. Mad Dog picks it up, runs a further 200 yards and dumps it. She then buggers off and leaves it, miles from where I’m standing, and I go and fetch it) I came back, sat in the chair and thought ‘there’s no way I can go to the cinema, I’ll fall asleep and snore like a hibernating yeti and we’ll never be allowed back’.

Stig, bless her, said in a long-suffering but sweet voice ‘That’s ok, Mummy, I know you’re not well, I understand’. This clever ploy not only ensured that when we went shopping today she heard the words ‘yes, ok, put it in the trolley’ a lot, but it also meant that tonight, we went to the cinema.

This worked in our favour because it meant our first choice of film became an option, instead of the second choice we’d settled on last night. So we’ve just got back from seeing ‘Grown Ups’, with Adam Sandler, Chris Rock and Thingummy. You know, wotsisname, the one from that programme. The funny one where his wife’s dad lives with them.

Anyway, ’twas a good    fillum. The base storyline  is  the forced reunion of a  junior basketball team,  thirty years on, brought  about by the death of their  coach. Obviously Adam  Sandler takes the lead  role, playing… well, Adam  Sandler, which is who he plays in all his films, really. But the supporting cast are great and I recommend it highly. Watch out for the toe 😉

Thingummy = Kevin James. ‘That programme’ = ‘King Of Queens’. See, the old memorybox hasn’t quite failed yet.

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