I’m so hot…

Published October 8, 2010 by Claire

Yup, you read that right. Today, I am hot.

Hot Hot Hot.

And sweaty, and shivering, and achy all over. And really, really pee’d off. šŸ˜¦

You guessed it, I am poorly-sick, as Stig used to call it back when she was nice small. I felt a bit used-up last night before bed, but thought all that was needed was a good night’s sleep. Well the good night’s sleep did not manifest itself, but the beginnings of a rotten tickly cough did, and this morning I awoke from my fevered sleep with headache, full-blown cough, sniffles, and alternate fever and shivers.

I’m so annoyed! Because, naturally, after sitting around all day yesterday in my smalls watching the phone doing its sponsored silence, (and before anyone suggests that sitting around in my undies may be the cause of my cold, I should remind you that what I refer to as smalls is what a more average person would see as a duvet cover) I had a lovely new gent coming my way this afternoon! I had to text him (always a difficult decision, maybe I’ll chat about that one another day) to tell him I’m all lurgi-fied and that I was going to have to cancel our appointment. He took it very well, apart from calling me a bad, bad, bitch šŸ˜€ (nice to know someone reads my blog!!).

I also had to say no to a lovely guy who’s tried to get to see me three times this week and now won’t be able to try again until late November.

I HATE being ill, and I hate letting people down. I’m off to sulk under a blanket.

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