Call Me…

Published October 6, 2010 by Claire

.. oh. You did.

Some days, I decide “Today I will dedicate myself to work. I will be a good floozie, and will get ready and sit in my frilly unmentionables, waiting for the telephone to ring. I will see lots of lovely gents, and much laughter and bendiness will ensue, for today is a Working Day.”

Other days, I think “Today is not a working day. Today is a Lunching With Friends Followed By Retail Therapy Day. Today I will take the day off, and if any gentlemen call me I will express my regrets that today I cannot do the horizontal waltz with them, for today is a Day Off.”

Now, can anyone explain to me what evil twist of fates knicker elastic leads to the telephone never ringing on a sitting-around-in-lace-panties-day, yet ringing off the hook on a shopping-and-eating-cream-cakes-with-friends day? For today was a Day Off and today I disappointed no less than five bulgy-trousered callers. Tomorrow will be a Working Day, and so I fully expect my phone to develop a bad case of Ringer Dysfunction.

😦 😦 😦 😦



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  • Great Blog Claire, sets the bar very high and if only the rest of us could come up to half that height we would be bery pleased.
    Well done you.

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