A Treat? For Me?

Published October 2, 2010 by Claire

Today, I decided I would treat myself.

I don’t know why I felt I deserved a treat – I hadn’t done anything spectacular, unless fourteen loads of other people’s laundry counts. (As an aside, just where does all this laundry come from? I came back from Spain with a small carrier bag of dirty stuff, having used the launderette whilst there, and also having not worn half of it as the weather was too cold. There was half a basket waiting to be washed. I filled the machine, left the room, returned an hour later and was greeted by a pile of grimy rags that rivalled Everest in size. I personally think that the ‘ON’ switch on the washing machine is connected directly to a flashing alarm system in the bedrooms of my offspring, which alerts them to the opportunity of getting someone else to wash their ‘orrible socks..)

So – treat for me. I have been after a particular DVD box-set for a while and decided today was the day. I would go into town, I planned, do a couple of errands whilst there, get my DVD box-set and come home and watch the whole lot, all five series, back-to-back.

So where did it all go wrong? Well my first mistake was telling Stig where I was going. “Can I come?” asked Stig sweetly. ” We can have some mother-daughter time”.

Well that’s a doozy, isn’t it? If I say no, I’m immediately an evil old crone who doesn’t want to spend time with her devoted daughter. And I’m already in the bad books for ‘gallivanting’ (her word) off to Spain without her. Despite the fact that she’d been to France and Majorca already this year. So Stig and I go off to town together.

“I need some pants, Mum”. Ok, Stig, we’ll get you some pants. “And an umbrella, Mum, ‘cos it rains in the mornings and my coat doesn’t have a hood, and no, you can’t buy me a coat with a hood because that would be like, totally uncool and the other kids would stone me to death…” Ok, Stig, calm down, we’ll get you an umbrella. “And some new pyjamas, Mum, because it’s really cold and while you were off in Spain enjoying yourself I got really cold at night and…” Ok Stig, shut it, we’ll get the pyjamas. “Oh and can I have some cold-sore cream and a concealer and I need some deodorant and some ‘lady’s things’ and – and – and – and….”

Forty-seven thousand pounds later, we came home. As we got out of the car, she said ‘Didn’t you need anything in town after all, Mum?”

My box-set was out of stock.


**UPDATE** – I found it online. Next time, I won’t even bother leaving the house. This time next year, we’ll be millionaires, Rodders!

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