Happy Feet (Non-Penguin Edition)

Published September 30, 2010 by Claire

I had my hooves trimmed today.

I’ve never had a pedicure before – I’m really not keen on having my feet messed with. I have in the past, turned down several bookings because the gent has expressed his urge to ‘worship’ my feet. Worship them? Praise them, offer them a sacrifice, build churches to their glory? No, what that means is mess with them. Ewww.

But, in my ‘real’ job my team and I won* a Spa Day. One free treatment was included in the deal, (as well as a damned fine lunch) and I plumped for the  pedicure because the other options were a mini-facial – I don’t have a mini-face, and I didn’t want my maxi-face to erupt the next day. Or manicure – I have those anyway so that seemed a waste; or Back, Neck and Shoulder massage. By a small blonde bint who would no doubt be repulsed by my ‘Goddess’ shape. No, ta very much. Pedicure for me.

It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I’d thought, if I’m honest. I only tried to kick her on the chin once, when she massaged my instep. And my feet were definitely goat-like after a flip-flop summer, so the slicing off of the scales was bound to be an improvement.

I’m looking forward to running my new soft feet up and down some nice man’s calves.. 😉


*Earned, believe me!

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