Travellers Rest

Published September 22, 2010 by Claire

Am I dedicated or what? Here I am, blogging on my holiday.

It’s day two and thank God, the sun came out today. When we arrived at almost midnight on Monday our resort was enjoying day four of torrential rain and howling winds. To say I was not impressed would be a gross understatement. I tantrummed (spellcheck says that’s not a word. It should be).

It had been a very long day, in my defence. We´d left Bristol at 5.30am as I’d promised to collect a rescue dog from Nottingham and deliver it to Leeds, before flying out from Doncaster Airport. The gods were against us from the start though, because despite leaving home dead on time we were stitched up by Sainsbury’s, whose “NotAMorningPerson” petrol station attendants flatly refused to sell us fuel before the official opening time of 6am. Meanies.

We collected the dog, and as we loaded him into the car the rescue lady (who, incidentally, bore more than a passing resemblance to Camilla P-B) assured us that “he’s great in the car”. Well, he is, yes. If you like a nice sing-song, that is. This dog howled continuously throughout the journey, only consenting to desist when we abandoned our Agadoo CD and replaced it with a spoken-word version of Mock the Week. Anyone would think he didn’t like our taste…

Anyway, after an extremely long day we finally arrived in Spain and I hurled my bags on the floor and hurled myself at the bed. As I landed, I realised I’d been lucky not to break a bone. I’m all in favour of a nice firm mattress, but this one was hewn from Best Quality Granite.

After a night during which a lot of tossing took place (pause for sniggers to subside…) we wandered through the rain to the pub around the corner and put ourselves outside a fry-up. Funny how that makes things seem better. We spent the rest of the morning wandering along the beach (empty) looking at the sunloungers (stacked and chained) the snackbars (shuttered) and the shops (closed) before spending the afternoon alternately reading and snoring on the sofa.

Today though, as I said, the sun came out. So we read and snored on sunloungers by the pool instead.

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