I’m back – did you miss me?

Published September 17, 2010 by Claire

I haven’t blogged for three days! Keep it under your hat though ‘cos I don’t think anyone noticed 😉

I have had a very busy couple of days – two all-day meetings (in the ‘real’ world, I don’t mean I’ve done a 48 hour shag-a-thon… although, hmm, interesting concept…. 😀 ) and then a drive up to Northampton to collect my partner in crime/friend, who’ll be staying the weekend prior to our holiday on Monday. Yes – three sleeps!!

You know, I could have been missing my holiday altogether – or to be more exact, I could have been spending the next week doing laps around the outskirts of Northampton. I put my trust in my Sat-Nav, you see.

Why do I not learn? This is the same piece of technology that, when asked to conduct me to visit a friends new flat in Swindon, took me to a field in the middle of nowhere and proudly announced ‘You have arrived! Your destination is on the left!”. When I looked to the left, my ‘destination’ was apparently the back-end of a large Friesian cow. Using my insider knowledge of the price my friend had paid for her new flat, I was willing to place a large wager that it wasn’t located inside Bluebell’s rectal cavity.

But no, I still believed that my Sat-Nav knew what it was doing. Programmed with the address of the Northampton Hilton ( I don’t hang around with any old peasant, you know..) I set off Midland-bound. All was well until we were almost there – and when I say almost, I mean I could see the enormous silver Hilton sign. Could I get to it? No. Could the Sat-Nav help me? No. At this point, she decided it was time for a complete nervous collapse and started repeating ‘Take the next left, take the next left’ on a continuous loop. I’d done four circuits  before I managed to find the right exit!

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