“I don’t know how you can do it…”

Published September 14, 2010 by Claire

… have sex with strangers, they mean.

The vast majority of my friends know what I do. I find it far easier to tell people the truth than to be careful of what I say all the time. Maybe it’s luck, or maybe I’m just bloody good at choosing friends in the first place, but I’ve never had a bad reaction to the news. What I do get, of course, is questions, and the one I get most is ‘What if you don’t fancy them?’

I was discussing this one post-bonk with a new gentleman last night. It’s difficult to put into words really but the closest I could come is that within about 5 minutes of meeting a new chap I’ve usually found something about him that’s attractive. Most people have something going for them, after all! I like meeting people, I like sex, I like men’s bodies in all their different shapes and sizes. Also, I’ve never been one for fancying the ‘norm’ – I never drooled over the same guys other women drool over. I’m the girl you’d hear saying ‘There’s just something about him’..

This article suggests a handy way to make yourself more attractive to your chosen target, though… 😉


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  • Something similar is expressed in the play “The girldfrien experience” one of the chracters recalls telling her “civilian” friend that even if the client is very unattractive at first sight, she has to look through that to the person underneath, the person they really are.

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