Published September 6, 2010 by Claire

Over the last two days I have received one or two (badly written) unpleasant comments via Formspring to my Twitter page.

To the senders of those comments, I would like to issue the following statements.

Firstly, if you wish to insult me, you might perhaps utilise the spell-check facility on your computer.

Secondly,  it would be extremely foolish to assume that in this technological age, it is wise to issue threats and abuse from behind what you seem to perceive as the ‘safety’ of your keyboard.

Thirdly, and specifically to the gentleman who called me a ‘stupid whore’ – whore I am. Whore I chose to be, and whore I gladly stay. Stupid, however, I am not. It would be extremely unwise to assume that a simple whore can have no legal knowledge, for example.

And there, I think, we will leave the matter.

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