Are you yanking my chain?

Published September 4, 2010 by Claire

I had a text from a ‘gentleman’ on Friday. I use the term ‘gentleman’ in this instance in a very loose sense indeed.

He enquired as to whether I would be able to entertain him for an hour’s incall on Sunday afternoon. I replied that, as stated on my website (from whence he assured me he’d obtained my number) I am sadly unable to offer incalls at weekends. He took this on the chin, and said he’d try another time.

He meant it, too. In fact, he meant it word for word, because the following day he sent me another text – asking me if I’d be able to see him for an incall on Sunday afternoon.  I was a little surprised by this, but nudged his memory by replying that I had already told him incalls weren’t available at weekends. Ah yes, he said. He’d forgotten. He was very sorry.

So why, oh why, oh why (as they used to say on Points of View, with Terry Wogan in those awful ties…) did he text me this evening to ask if I could see him for an incall tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon?

I have recycled my reply to him in a green and eco-friendly manner, and used it as the title of today’s blog.


Spot-Watch Update!

I woke up this morning and it had gone – vanished! I searched the house and garden to no avail, and can only assume that it knew where it wasn’t welcome and went off to rent a house of its own.  So that’s nice.

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