The Blair Witch Hunt?

Published August 29, 2010 by Claire

Someone brought this article to my attention today. It was raised in a kind of ‘Look how disgusting it is that the man’s got nine properties, all bought with our money’ way.

When you read the article, however, you discover that the property portfolio that Mr Blair has amassed is due in no small part to his having earned upwards of £20 million from public speaking engagements since he left office.

Now public opinion on this may vary. Some might say he’s no right to charge so much for the gems of wisdom that fall from his honeyed lips. Others, (and I confess I fall into this category myself) might think ‘If folk are daft enough to pay it, he’d be a prize prawn not to take it’.

I can’t see why anyone would be up in arms about what he chooses to spend it on, though. In a wobbly economic climate such as this, one might at least be pleased he’s spent it at all and not just bunged it in an old sock up the chimney.

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