Forays into Fora

Published August 25, 2010 by Claire

Fora? Forums? For-tresses?

Whichever you choose to call them, I am constantly amazed by the way they work. I’m a contributory member of only two, PN and T’otherPlace. They couldn’t be more different.

Visiting PN is a little like going into battle. Before I click the tab that takes me there, I take a deep breath and gird up my loins (ooh err missus). There’s no way of knowing which new thread title will leap off the screen at me; it could be anything from ‘Do all WG’s eat bogies on toast on Thursdays?’ to ‘Is it ok to wear socks when punting?’.

Some posters seem to take delight in prodding each other – at times there seems to be a hidden sub-text which only the two combatants are following. Some try not to rise to a ‘wind-up’ but still can’t quite manage Zen-like calm. Some, like myself, seem to live in a permanent state of PN-induced rage and frustration. Yet I keep going back – it might be crusty, but it was my first ‘home’ as a hooker and it’s still got a lot to offer.

T’other Place, on t’other hand, is like a rest-cure. Relaxed, unhurried, filled with people who know ‘it’s only a game-show’. We share thrilling news like ‘What are your evening meal plans’ and link to news articles that have tickled us (or enraged us). Sometimes days will go by without my posting anything but I always feel welcome. We’re very civilised, generally.

Two is enough, though. I know ladies and gents who post on every forum out there. How do they find the time?

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