Rage Against The Machine

Published August 24, 2010 by Claire

Why is it that when one household appliance breaks down, the rest begin to follow suit? I mean, are they all part of the same Union? Do they come out in sympathy?

Today, the washing machine discovered a new note in its musical repertoire. I’m not naturally musical so all I can say for sure is that this note is at the very bottom of the scale and would suit a basso-profundo. Having discovered this new note, the WM practised it thoroughly interspersed with much throat-clearing. The dishwasher, which hitherto had been quietly burbling away to itself much like a contented baby with a rusk, heard this operatic effort and stopped dead in mid-cycle, presumably to listen and learn. At the exact moment that the straining WM reached the end of its tortuous cycle and clicked into submission, the dishwasher took a deep breath, puffed its chest out and hit A sharp. I hit the ‘off’ button (using my nose as both hands were over my ears) and at that point the tumble dryer coughed and its door burst open.

If anyone wants me I’ll be in my ‘quiet place’.

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