Adventures in Lingerie..

Published August 23, 2010 by Claire

Is it strange to buy underwear for another woman? I only ask because for the second time in two weeks I’ve found myself buying undercrackers for Amanda.

In my defence, the first time was very innocent. She’d mentioned she loves anything with a cow-print pattern so when I spotted cow-print knicks I had to buy them for her.  Posted them off to her and realised afterwards that I hadn’t put a note in to say who they were from! Amanda being Amanda simply put a note on her Facebook page saying ‘Thanks for the pants, whoever you are’ 😀

This time, however, I’ve bought her something altogether more saucy. Mainly ‘cos it was so pretty and they didn’t do it in my size (‘trucker’).

I wonder who will get to see her in it first?

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In ‘Other News’,  I’ve come out. No, not as a liker of lady-gardens, but as a Moderator on Punternet . I’ve been a Mod for a while under a pseudonym, but having been outed most thoroughly by some boys who’d be far better off playing with their winkies than let loose with a keyboard, it had to be done. It does mean that I can return the black Mod Boots to Big G and replace them with the girlie version…


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  • The second blog in as many weeks to use the word “Undercrackers” – Top Marks!
    ….. And here is me thinking life couldn’t get any better 🙂

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