They made me do it…

Published August 22, 2010 by Claire

… blog, that is. Laura Lee and Amanda, to be precise. They think I may say something worth reading (or, which is more likely, something incriminating).  I’m not sure that I have anything to say that won’t end up as a prescription for insomnia, but hey, let’s humour them. Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking and all that.

It’s been a very busy few days. I went to Bonnie Scotland to meet with some online friends, and to experience that famous Highland hospitality. I also experienced Haggis, which was a revelation. A peppery revelation. Who knew that haggises ate pepper in such vast quantities? Not me..

Why is that when I try to picture what a Haggis would look like if t’were a real critter, I get an image of a pair (set?) of bagpipes running around a field? My slightly twisted mind then runs on to imagining their mating calls. I’ll not expand further on that, you can play with it yourselves.

I had a fantastic few days, staying with friends, inhaling huge breakfasts and watching people get drunk. This is far more amusing than getting drunk yourself, and much better value as you can extend the entertainment right into the next day by regaling them with tales of what they did and said. Good times.

I may as well use this platform to thank a few people for their general good egg-edness over the weekend. Thankyou Cait and family for not only welcoming me into your home but also going to the trouble of owning a dog that looked like mine, which stopped me missing mine so much. Thankyou Laura for vacating your bed for me, and for feeding me enough fried food to clog up any of my remaining arteries that may have escaped my notice. Thankyou to all with whom I spent Saturday evening, for being altogether stunningly wonderful – and finally thankyou BG for spending an hour with me Saturday afternoon that left me relaxed, replete, very satisfied and frankly at least half in love with you.

I may be back to bore you all tomorrow. Don’t watch this space. Do something productive!


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